Pawers Neighbourhood

There were those furry, fuzzy

creatures, down by that infantry

of rigid fellas and fellers

pillaging the purring. Snoopers!

Calibrated caps catapulted

under the hooves, relegated

those fierce commands whistling

the cathartic noble killing.

Behind that barb-wired stately

doom, they marched atop bravely

death-deaf armoury. Deadening;

purrposelessness deafening.

Slayers! They were unbound,

them, D’ Slayers! Paws abound

a cantankerous populace, seething

with half-awakened dreaming.

Slayers! Mewing in their newly-

strung strength, hollered out. Vainly

as the iron-grip hinted out beginning

of solace. Slayers! Echoes beseeching.

And then, them poor purring crushed

upon cuddles. The spiting hushed

upon cushions. Comforting hours sat

a pet, a pat. Mollycoddlers chitchat.  ~@


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