PLUMA – Literary Migrant Writers’ Guild (Kuwait)

Finally! The long wait is over!

Last Friday, 4th of October 2013, at Al-Muthanna Complex, Kuwait City, a group of determined and talented (eherm!) budding Filipino literary writers in Kuwait grazed the floor with a fun-filled episode of poetry reading to celebrate the birth of Pluma – Literary Migrant Writers’ Guild (Kuwait), a gathering of passionate literary writers whose dream is to represent the voice of migrant workers here in Kuwait through Literature.

Founded on September 14, 2013, Pluma wishes to establish a support group among published and aspiring poets, fiction writers, novelists, and whatnot that will embody the plight of migrant workers, as well as cement the gaps within various cultural communities in the country.


Pluma is a Filipino term for plume or quill. Founding members hail from the different regions of the Philippines, who have themselves secured a job and excelled in their chosen professions abroad. From visual poetry to satirical fiction, from themes highlighting diverse societies to current events, Pluma promises a boundless vista of literary excellence mixed with artistic resilience.

Pluma‘s featured members are as follows:

Armineonila M. (Founder)
Ellen Alliah Tabaya
GAP Gutierrez
Tammy Sulit
Mujel Hasan
Wilfred Waters

The objectives of the guild are as follows:

– To uphold the advocacy of literary craftsmanship by giving providence to its historical, cultural, social, and universal significance.
– To pursue and promote literary writings by migrants.
– To encourage writing literary pieces among migrants.
– To develop and harness the literary skills of migrant writers.
– To document the plight of migrants through Literature, e.g. poetry, short fiction, novel, short story, oral literature, etc.
– To assist migrant writers in publishing their works on print or in any media outlets.
– To establish camaraderie among migrant literary writers in Kuwait and preserve the diversity of literary forms through cooperative efforts.




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