Borg of the Been Street

A girl once lived at Been Street
she was called by a name
a name by the window pane–

A lovely lively name.

A brother sat by her side
by the sidewalk by the lane
filching plain prickly chain

Then one day came a Borg
that lived on needle and pin

offered them a dip in the bin
spaghetti trash heavy cream

“Let’s make a bubble party!”

They set a table at mid Been Street
at midday cardboard covering feet
and fiddled a pitchfork violin:

“Halt! All you passersby,
pass by the Been Street
pass a loaf of bread,
the Borg shall starve
should we all be dead!

A girl once lived by a name
a name unknown in Been Street,
she met a Borg one day
and took her to Borg District.

-Armineonila M.



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