Conquering the sand

In my restless mind

assemble shadows unfulfilled,

unfaded behind the curtains

of a memory of you;

I broom away the dusts

that stand between our years,

this solemn ground

your dreams have consumed;

The words you soak in tears

bespeckle within an envelop

that reached me beyond

an oceanful of sand;

So I dig into the heart

of courage you have sown

and keep that wondering youth

under the dancing mango tree;

At some point, I recover

a cadaver of visions

that was once shattered

by juvenile hysteria;

And sketch in the midst

of this dry mattress

a jamboree stolen away

by your fruits of vanity;

Now as you depart

the circuses of my mind,

like cotton candy you stand

toying with my innocence;

You speak only on behalf

of such distant warmth

and customs woven stale,

a tale strewn in secrecy;

Endearments yet unsung

drifted in humid air,

caught around a ring

that divided our souls;

Yet I refuse to sing

of barren nursery rhymes

which have dried out deep

inside your gilded luggage.

–Armineonila M.

Sept. 30, 2010



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