Let’s in-side the Hope-Eater

Nothing inside the Hope-Eater
than the Hope-Eater’s void

whose life is nowhere than never
and cooks freshly-picked naivety

and wakes a walk towards south empty

Emp-ty as though the shape
of the Hope-Eater’s head.

Every now and then it dines
in tiny buckets of promises
for candy taste buds and bets

a ton of lollipop-ey smirks!

The Hope-Eater is an anywhere
wall of some bling-bling tower
grabbing elbows and knees
with its much preferred gaze.

But the one thing it does best
than own one’s ribs, intestines,
liver, wrists, and skull

is swallow the spark
of a doggerel bard.

-Armineonila M.



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