Armineonila M.

I am Armineonila Menorca, “Armie” or “Armi” for short, and I am a writer and painter. “Muse in Briefs” is my personal blog.  My feature stories and commentaries appeared in Kuwait Times and Friday Times, as well as, my weekly comic strips titled “Pat en Tero” in The Filipino Panorama, Kuwait Times. My poems and short stories were published in Kuwait Philippines Cultural Centre (KPCC) Pag-usapan Po Natin monthly magazine, The Filipino Magazine in Kuwait (TFM), Ped Xing (KM Writers), Best Poems Encyclopedia, The Haiku Foundation, and The World of Haiku. I had a weekly column titled “Kikay’s Ukay-ukay” in the Filipino Panorama, Kuwait Times. Moreover, I was a contributing writer and associate editor in The Filipino Magazine in Kuwait (TFM). As a founding member of Pluma (Migrant Writers Guild), a writers collective based in Kuwait which focuses on migration literature, I contributed to Pluma’s No Return Address: A collection of poems.  In addition, I have an online art gallery called Lines of Lila, where I display my original artworks under the pseudonym Lila Marquez.  I am a vegan and an animal rights advocate.

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