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It’s not everyday that you stumble upon some nice badges to represent causes you advocate for. But call it luck or resourcefulness (ehem!) or simply the pulse of the current world we live in that these badges land before your blog’s doorsteps as if they’re meant for you.

But, wait! We’re not simply talking about badges here but a complete package for vegans who are up in arms to spread the V word. To add to that, you’ll be basking in yummy vegan recipes that’ll make you go bananas! It also features a whole bunch of friendly vegan faces that’ll complete your vegan digital soul-searching experience.

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Mini Musing: The only way to deal with critics is to pass them a cup of coffee on stealth mode.

Cruelty-free cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies – yes, they exist

Cruelty-free cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies – yes, they exist

And also make you feel like one box is not enough, and you try to keep them all to yourself, and out of other people’s reach, especially those who mock your veganism. Vengeance!

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Rustic Garden’s no-frills, environment-friendly packaging.


Vegan Cinnamon Rolls are your staircase to heaven.


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies minus the cruelty.


The Vegan Way in Kuwait

The Vegan Way in Kuwait by Armineonila M. (Kuwait Times)

The Vegan Way in Kuwait by Armineonila M. (Kuwait Times)

The Vegan Way in Kuwait by Armineonila M.  Friday Times (Kuwait Times),

Dec. 26, 2014, pp. 6-7.

Death march

Death march

walking down

the aisle

i whimper

condolences to kins

whose bodies

deep in bloodbath

cast me empty


i pressed

coded ear and

ringed nose on

rancid air to

try to

sniff out

final wistful

words ambient

about today

it seemed

i was bestowed

crimeless verdict

the guillotine

weighed flat

on my shoulders

on my back

on my sirloin

on my chuck

on my thick rib

on my shin

on my fore rib

on my clod

on my brisket

on my rumb

on and on

i tread

on foot

rattling metal

while fatal

macabre faces


sober paces

ushered into

the chamber

as i watch

hope depart

the assembly line

that freezes

like muted knife

in carnage

enticing what’s left

of sanity

of empathy

of humanity

until what’s left

of me

is where the line


– Armineonila M. (veganmusa), May 2013

Mga sangkap ng langis

Mga Sangkap ng Langis (Ped Xing, KM Writers)

Mga sangkap ng langis

ni Armineonila M.


Mga sahog sa pagluto:

Isang ginagad na diploma

Walong sakong ari-arian

Pitong tasang tinimping luha

Tatlong basong pangarap (dinikdik)

Limang pirasong dignidad (tinadtad)

Sampung kilong pawis (sinala)

Isang kurot ng pagkutya


Mga hakbang sa paggawa:


Tunawin ang galon-galong

kaluluwang nagsakripisyo

para sa pamilya’t bayan,

kaluluwang ikinahon

ng globalisasyon

at nanlilisik na pangil

ng kapitalismo

sa kawaling disyerto;


Tustahin ang dating musmos

na hele ng Nanay at Tatay

na nagsibak pa ng panggatong

pangmatrikulang niluto

sa palasyong de-kalawang;


Tunawin, haluin, kayurin

hanggang sa lumapot

ang ‘di makatarungan,

ang pag-aalipusta

upang maitayo ang gusali

na’ng siyang hugis ay ganid;


Timplahin, lunurin

ang pangakong hindi na

lalayag pa at tatatakan

ang pagkatao ng alyas,

yaong tunog “bayani”

upang hindi malasap

ang pag-alingasaw

ng amoy pang-aalipin;


Paulit-ulit na timplahin,

haluin ng kalyuhing palad

ang pagkauhaw ng iba

sa likidong-yaman at parangal

kahit salat sa bayad

na ginhawang pasalubong;


Sundin ang patakarang ito

nang walang pag-alma

o pagkuwestiyon man lang,

bente-kwatro oras.




The Recipe for Oil 
by Armineonila M.

The ingredients:

1 forged diploma
8 sacks of property
7 cups of whimper
3 glasses of ambition (chopped)
5 pcs. Of dignity (shredded)
10 kilos of sweat (filtered)
A pinch of nepotism

The procedure:

Slowly melt a gallon of sacrificed souls
Of family and country
Souls inside the box
Of globalisation
And the piercing fangs
Of capitalism
In the desert pan.

Cook until brownish
The infantile lullaby
Of Mama and Papa
Who chopped a forest
Of tuition fees from
The palace of rust.

Melt, stir, scrape
Until condensed
The unjust, the vilification
Built in a fortress
Of which shape is greed.

Mix and drown
The promise of immobility
That’s impressed in the self
An alias that sounds like “hero”
To cover up the stench
Of subjugation.

Mix over and again
With calloused palm
The thirst of the other
On liquefied riches and recognition
Even by poor earnings
That take home a dream.

Simply follow these steps
Without objection
Nary a question 
24 hours a day.

*The original text in Filipino first appeared in the chapbook published by KM64 (Kilometers 64 Writers Collective) titled Ped Xing: Tula’y Tawiran (First Issue: Labourers), ed. Stum Casia. May 2014, pp. 23-24, Philippines. 



My friend,

my constant force…

i take heed

of your heartbeat

resounding into nightmares;

while i, too, weep.

i, too, devour

eonian despair

for your vigour

wasted into pieces,

atop wrinkled feathers,

against feasted flesh,

before uniformed elation.

i, while somber,

whimper whims

of cuddling your wearied

offspring, befalling

shallow tragedies.

but deep down,

my passive existence

now utters

primeval melodies

rattling Hades

into peerless altruism;

not for once

shall i halt,

not a chance

will your worth

again be morphed

into carcasses,

for i’ll mend

your spited wings.

-Armineonila M.





Binhi is an environmental song I’ve written in Baybayin today. It was inspired by this pigeon which appears to have become my regular visitor in our balcony, peeking at whatever I’m doing inside my room.  🙂  Hope you enjoy.










kapayapaan, walang hangganan

at iilawan ang hangarin

mundo’y ingatan

sinapupunan ng bawat nilalang

tamis ng batis

tayog ng puno

kulay ng hangin

ating binhi.



ang kayamanan ng kalikasan

di kumukupas ang damdamin

langit ang tanawin

sasalubungin ng bawat awitin

himig ng lawin

lambing ng rosal

gayak ng bukid

ating binhi

ating binhi.

Haraya, haraya, haraya.




Abril 9, 2011



I didn’t get enough time to shoot while playing so I decided to make a (sort of) slide show to match, at least, the theme.

Note: I have included the initial audio recording of the song and the link below will redirect you to the player.


Music and Lyrics by Musing Myus