A garden of us

A shelter of robins, his heart
breathes into mine flowerbeds
of ballads not thorned nor pitted
heartbreaks upon which spikes
may delay the casting of spring
when seasons run miles apart
to dance rivers with our thoughts
our fountains, deep in the roots
will meet among the shadows…

Now, if only…
these words were so a garden of ours
as if I were a Wordsworth, rhymed
and you, a village his, a path shared
with the daffodils in a dream without
but we are no such garden, still, under
the metal clouds, wired with gavels
silver chains to our roots, rust a staple
and time, our enemy, is a wall sprouted
by shallow ponds, pawns to vultures
for within its arms we’ll one day wither
and settle unto grounds, craving for rain.

-Armineonila M.




~ O ~




Baon ‘yang posas na tanging

marka’y ngiting hinugasan

ng grasang patak ng talukap,

ang piitang ito’y saksi

kapag tinutumbok

ang pintuang selda

na sa isang kurap

ay daungang kumikinang,

noon pa mang sumayad

ang talampakan

sa lupang sangkalan ng kanyang panaginip

ay pawang binalot

na bangungot

ang sa ngayo’y pasalubong.


March 30, 2011