Back on board with new artworks

Featuring some of my new artworks for the Art of Compassion Project exhibit at the VegFestUK kicking off in August. Please have a look.

Lines of Lila

Since I’m back to painting and catching up on other stuff, I’m also all hyped at getting back to my advocacy. These new untitled artworks will be some of my entries to the upcoming exhibit of The Art of Compassion Project, a vegan artists collective, at the upcoming VegFestUK online art auction in August.

I love this artists collective so much because of its staunch dedication to promoting veganism through creativity. Through my contribution, I hope I’d be able to help, in little ways, spread the message of nonviolence and animal emancipation.

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When the Art World Faces a Pandemic

I asked a friend what had kept her occupied during the lockdown, and she said she had been staving off the impulse of writing down every single moment she had spent alone inside her apartment watching the ghost town-ish neighborhood by her window. She’s once a zealous escapist.

Highlighted in the article The Birth of Pandemic Art, artworks that had sprouted these past few months, particularly on Instagram, study the many facets of COVID19 in the socio-cultural context more than the history of art has ever seen. Read the excerpt below.

When speaking of COVID19, we might fiddle with the thought of a sci-fi flick translating to real life or envision a world reminiscent of a dystopian movie. But artists online are eager to show the face of the virus with the tip of a paint brush.

The Birth of Pandemic Art by Lila Marquez. Read the full article here.

Filipino Food Apps and Blogs to Get You Through Quarantine

If you are an Ilonggo who suddenly finds interest in cooking through lockdowns and curfews due to COVID19 but can’t seem to find a proper app or blog that is free and highlights exclusively Filipino recipes, then this video is made for you.

ManolTube, a YouTube podcast discussing the latest inventions, discoveries and whatnot in the Hiligaynon language features some of the most famous and go-to Filipino food apps and blogs. It tackles free iOS and Android apps that are well-known among Pinoys, as well as, favorite food bloggers and their culinary websites. The podcast also elaborates on the branding and perks of each of the app and blog site.

Although the channel is still in its infancy and only caters to a smaller demographic in the Philippines, it is already gaining regular visitors and positive feedback.

A Tribute for Black Cats

Did you know that black cats are among the least adoptable cats in shelters, besides elderly cats and cats with disability? This is the result of centuries old superstitions associated with black cats. This tribute sheds light on how black cats are as beautiful and unique as other cats.

Black cats are as unique as other cats

I once had a tuxedo cat whom I picked from the street. He had ringworm and I eventually contracted it. But he was such a loving kitten that would sleep next to me and always stay by my side. We healed and grew together along with my other rescues until his last breath. I will never forget Alfie.

I hope this tribute by Coo Cats shines a ray of hope for black cats and animals in the shelter. Please subscribe to Coo Cats for more interesting and funny cat feature videos.

Poetry Reading Out Loud On YouTube

It’s been a long hiatus but I’m finally gradually getting back to blogging and content creation. Unfortunately, this is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and most of us are stuck at home trying to make sense of everything that’s happening around us. I just wish everyone is safe and in good health. I also wish to extend my deepest and sincerest sympathies to those who have lost their loved ones as I did. Just hang in there.

While on lockdown, I was able to produce a YouTube channel on poetry reading called “Read Out Loud” or “ROL” and it’s currently in the works. So, here I am reading a poem, titled “Ginugunita Kita”, by one brilliant poet and painter in the Philippines, the late Maningning Miclat. I hope you like it.

The art of compassion for cats

Online Cat Art Poster Auction

Grace Han, founder of Towards a Compassionate Nation (TACN), a volunteer-run charity in China, rescued 14 cats and transferred them to Beijing to receive veterinary care and a better chance to be adopted. Some of them were saved from being sold and slaughtered for their meat, skin and fur, while others were previously strays, abandoned due to illness, and were likely ending up being trapped by cat meat traders. Grace and her friend Susana took them to Beijing for a better chance at life.
In aid of TACN, The Art of Compassion Project, an international art collective supporting vegan causes, hosted an online cat art poster auction to feature 50 artworks by artists hailing from the different corners of the globe. The cat art Giclée prints are currently up for bidding starting from £25.00 GBP. The auction runs from 6-13 May 2019. Proceeds from the project will go directly to TACN towards covering the cost for veterinary care, treatment, surgery, boarding, foster care and rehoming of these cats. Click here to go to the auction site. Preview some of the featured posters below.